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Print Materials (includes literary and dramatic works)


In print materials
Can copy :
  • 10% or 1 chapter (if it is a book), whichever is greater. More than this if not available in a reasonable time
  • all of a periodical article (more than one article if on the same topic)
  • a section of an anthology if no more than 15 pages
  • Unavailable/Out of print materials.

  • can copy 100% if not available within 28 days.
  • can copy a textbook which is unavailable for 6 months . If you need it faster contact the publisher or CAL external website
  • Print Materials
    (includes literary and dramatic works)

  • more than 10% or 1 chapter of an item
  • more than one article from the same periodical (unless on the same subject)
  • a section of an anthology more than 15 pages
  • Artwork, chart or diagram
    Can copy:
  • if it illustrates or accompanies the text
  • if not separately published
  • if separately published but not available in a 'reasonable time' (28 days)
  • Chart or diagram
  • If the work can be purchased separately in a reasonable time (28 days).
  • Internet Websites and original electronic works

    Words on a website.
    Can copy 

  • 10% of words if a literary work or one periodical article
  • Ask permission from the webmaster if you wish to use more than 10%..Keep a hard copy of this agreement and give it to the library.
  • You can download all of a website if:
    It is not published or available in any other way. 
    It is not available in a reasonable time (28 days) 
    A couple of enquiries are sufficient. 

  • Can reproduce these materials via Intranet or Extranet.
  • Can hyperlink to website(s)
  • Internet Websites.
    Words on a website.
  • AVOID contracts/agreements with the website publisher (through registration or ticking a box) 
    If terms and conditions on the website specifically prohibits copying then you are bound by that contract and are outside of the schools' CAL licence external website pdf document.
    You should email the webmaster to request written permission. (DE&T letter template) external website word document
  • If the information comes from a subscription (like an online journal) you need to check your subscription contract.
  • There is no provision for copying from digital anthologies
  • Internet images Artistic works.
  • All artistic works can be copied (so long as printed directly or kept in electronic form)
  • Use free images only OR obtain written permission from site owner and give Librarian a print copy of permission.
  • Internet images
  • If terms and conditions on the website specifically prohibits copying, then email the webmaster to request written permission. (DE&T letter template) external website word document
  • Audio files


    Students can use audio in  film created as part of their research or study 

    Staff may copy audio and make compilations for a "school event" (concert of speech day) or use in connection with a course of study.

    For printed music use the 10% (of number of bars) rule unless not available in a reasonable time as for literary works


    Where teachers want to copy print music beyond 10% they may do so on behalf of students under the AMCOS licence external website pdf document with the following limits (note that the school or staff member must own the original to be copied)

    Type of work

    No.copies per original

     (Secondary School)

    Choral Sheet


    Separately published musical work


    Collection of musical works

    15 (limit to 3 songs per collection)

    Transcription of musical works


    Transposition of musical works


    Orchestral band set

    30 additional instrument parts

    AMCOS publisher request for schools external website pdf document

    Note that Music licences are being extended to include a digital component - to commence in 2003.

    Audio files


    Students can not show films made with copied audio at public screenings without copyright permission.

    Copies of audio made by staff must be "marked" with required information (see Music copyright for schools external website pdf document)

    Cannot use copied audio recordings as part of a web page unless permission is obtained .

    Copying MP3 files from the internet

    Recording/distributing performances of staff/students requires their prior approval.


    Cannot digitally store print music under AMCOS licence external website pdf document, only applies to photocopying/overhead transparencies.

    Digital versions of print music are not covered by the AMCOS licence, can only copy 10%.

    Copies and original must be "marked" with required information (see Music copyright for schools external website pdf document)




    Commercial Software.
    Can copy commercial software to keep a master copy.

    Can only use as the the licence agreement with the software publisher states.

    Commercial Software; Audio video files.
    Making multiple copies of commercial CD ROMS, Videos, Audio cassettes or Computer software.
    Screen rights: Videotaping off air
    You can copy anything off air, that is, Pay TV, radio, free to air TV (so long as it is for educational purposes). Can do this even if it is commercially available.You can make multiple copies of these
    These need to be labeled with date and source.
    (See the library for requirements)

    can make a compilation from various free to air sources

    can communicate these materials online, e-mail, satellite transmission or video reticulation

    Can stream audio & video.

    Screenrights - copying from tv and radio - a summary of provisions external website doc document

    Screen rights:
    Commercial Videos.

    Commercial videos.
    Cannot be copied unless no longer commercially available and you are replacing a copy the school held in its collection which was lost/damaged (see library re declaration requirements for doing this)

    Hired Videos 
    loans in teacher's own name may be bound by a contract, best  loaned in the school's name.

    Copies cannot be lent to anyone who is not a student or teacher at the school.

    This agreement  does not cover copying webcast material.

    Screenrights licence copies are owned by the school. Students can copy for themselves. Teachers cannot copy for them

    Student work.
    May only be copied with the student's written permission. Students own the copyright to the materials they produce. Student photos.
    NO Photographs of students are allowed without the express permission of the student and a parent. 
    Need to know more?

    Australian Copyright Council external website information sheets, training and a free advice service
    Australian Copyright Council - information sheet on Copying CDs, tapes and records external website pdf document Includes mp3 information.

    Screenrights external website - the Audio Visual Copyright Society

    CAL external website - Copyright Agency Limited
    Guidelines for schools, TAFE's and independent educational institutions external website pdf document

     Schools and Education
     external website
    Music Copyright for Schools
     external website pdf document

    Department of Education and Training Sites

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