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What are ebooks?

Ebooks (electronic books) are an electronic version of a printed book. They are exactly the same as the printed version, but with the added feature of being accessible from a computer or a portable device such as a smartphone, tablet or electronic reader. Some ebooks have will have enhanced features compared to the printed version with clickable links to further information or interactive content.

How do I access ebooks from BSSC?

Bendigo Senior Secondary College currently has a limited collection of ebooks, but the collection will increase in number rapidly from now on, especially to support the introduction of 1-1 computers for Year 11 in 2012.

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Ebooks can be accessed from the library catalogue; a simple search using the term “ebook” will bring up a list of what the library currently holds. Follow the links and instructions with access codes and you will see full text book.
There is also a list of ebooks currently owned by the school on the Library Homepage tab called “E-books”, click on the “Ebook index” link

Ebooks owned by BSSC

  • Anatomy and physiology : an illustrated guide: ebook
  • Mammal anatomy : an illustrated guide: ebook

Booklisted ebooks

With the introduction of 1:1 computers into the school, particularly at year 11 level, many subjects now booklist an ebook.  This means you can download the full text book onto your hard drive, download the relevant chapters or access the material you need directly from the Internet. Access codes would be given when the ebook is purchased by students, or by the subject teacher in class.


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