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The Sensational Study Buddy


Sensational Study Buddy
3rd edition
... the best study guide on the market

What is it?     
The purpose of these study guides and study strategies is to assist students with motivation, what to learn and how to learn.
There are 98 guides and strategies in Sensational Study Buddy which broadly cover: 
Preparing to Learn.- How to Study.- Classroom Participation. - Learning with Others. - Reading Skills. - Writing Skills.-  Science and Maths.-  Preparing for Tests/Exams. – Taking Tests/Exams. – Presenting Projects/Speeches. - Mnemonics. - Lateral Thinking. - Decision Making.

The third edition  has an additional comprehensive tool covering the area of Self Hypnosis and it's role in Study. Some of the advantages for students in adding Self Hypnosis are: stress reduction - increase in focus and concentration - higher self image and self esteem - higher marks and grades - decrease in exam anxiety - increase in self control.

98 Study Guides, Tools and Strategies 

Preparing To Learn
* Learning to Learn
* Time Management
* Goal Setting and Schedules
* Stress Management
* Think like a Genius
* Mapping Information
* Becoming Motivated
* Decision Making and Problem Solving
* Adaptive Decision Making
* Adult Learning

* Study Habits
* Critical Thinking
* Concentration
* Memory Skills
* Thinking Aloud
* Procrastination
* M.U.R.D.E.R. System
* Index System
* Vocabulary Building
* ADHA and Studying
* Distance Learning and Studying

Classroom Participation
* Preparing for Classroom Learning
* Influencing the Teacher
* Note Taking in Lectures
* Paying Attention
* Being Heard
* Problem Based Learning

Writing Skills
* Writing Basics
* Organising Research
* Prewriting and Drafts
* The Five Paragraph Essay
* Literature Essays
* Expository Essays
* Persuasive Essays
* Writing for the Web
* Modifiers and Commas
* Transitional Words and Phrases
* Spelling
* Writing Strategies
* Print Biography for Writing
* Internet Biography for Writing
 Mnemonic Systems
* The Link System
* The Story System
* The Peg System (number)
* The Peg System (alphabet)
* The Loci System
* The Major System

Applying Mnemonic Systems
* Learning Another language
* Mental Diary
* Speeches and Presentations without Notes
* Remembering Names
* Combining Loci and SQ3R

Reading Skills
* Note Taking from Text Books
* Learning from Multiple Sources
* Understanding/Reading Essays
* Reading Difficult Material
* Speed and Comprehension
* Underlining and Marking
* SQ3R Method

Mathematics and Science
* Following the Scientific Method
* Writing Lab Reports and Scientific Papers
* Solving Maths Word Problems
* Maths Tests

 Learning with Others
* Collaborative/Cooperative Learning
* Active Listening
* Group Learning
* Tutoring Guidelines
* Resolving Conflict
* Peer Mediation

Preparing for Tests/Exams
* General Test Preparation
* Anticipating Test Content
* Review Tools for Tests
* Test Anxiety
* Organising for Tests
* Cramming
* Emergency Preparation

Taking Tests/Exams
* Ten Tips for Tests
* True/False Tests
* Multi Choice Tests
* Short Answer Tests
* Essay Exams
* Terms/Directives in Essay Exams
* Oral Exams

Project Skills
* Organising Projects
* Researching Case Studies
* Research on the Internet
* Evaluating Website Content
* Presenting Projects
* Public Speaking

Lateral Thinking
* Brainstorming
* The Great Leap Forward
* Provocation

Decision Making
* Paired Comparison Analysis
* Grid Analysis
* P M I
* Six Thinking Hats

Self Hypnosis
* Self Hypnosis


 This study guide compilation is designed to be used by secondary school and tertiary students..



Original layout of all online research pages have been developed by Bendigo Senior Secondary College teacher librarians using templates from the Researching Together CD.  This particular page was created by Shona Cornwall, teacher librarian and Angela Pollock, classroom teacher.